Battery Recycling 

There are many types of consumer batteries, from the lead-acid batteries we use in our cars to the little button batteries in our watches. There are household batteries like AA, AAA, C, D and 9-volt, some of them rechargeable, some not. But whatever type of battery, they all have chemicals inside them.

Of course, chemicals are not all equally toxic. The three worst are:

* lead
* cadmium
* mercury

Other battery compounds like silver, zinc, and nickel can also be problems.

Sending any type of battery to the landfill or incinerator means the contents of the battery will ultimately end up getting into the soil, air, groundwater, and/or surface water, and thus eventually into the food chain and drinking-water supply. Thus, the key thing is to make sure batteries with toxic components get recycled in the Darke County Solid Waste District’s battery recycling program.

Below is a list of the places that will accept your spent household batteries (Also Rechargeable & Lead Acid Batteries) in Darke County:

Rest Haven (Employees Only)
Village of Union City
Greenville ACE Hardware
Brethren Home (Employees Only)
Darke Co. Park District
Darke County Solid Waste
Darke County Commissioners
Worch Library
Whirlpool (Employees Only)
New Madison Public Library
Norcold, Inc.
M & M Petrol & Pantry
Midmark (Employees Only)
Wayne Hospital (Employees Only)
EG Industries (Employees Only)
Birt’s Store, New Weston
Village of Versailles
Versailles ACE Hardware
Heartland (Employees Only)
St John Lutheran Church, Greenville
City of Greenville, Utilities Dept.
Ansonia Auto Parts
Arcanum Public Library
Pitsburg Fire Dept. (Call 937-692-5536 for hours)



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